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Great game and story line. appreciated! 

Spring Rabbit, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing The House to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

My focus right now is on new games, but I believe that in the future I will bring some games already released for mobile.

i understand, thank you for reply 😊👍

THIS WAS AN INCREDIBLE GAME!!! although I am super new to posting videos I can say this game was amazing, it was probably the most scared I've been while playing a videogame!! amazing!!

Great Game! I enjoyed playing this & liked the 3rd person aspect of it. I look forward to playing more games by you in the future!

This was fantastic! Such a great twist and such a great experience! The mechanics, the look, the characters, all of it was amazing! Such a good job! 


I got quite a kick out of this one

I loved how this game didn't take itself too seriously, it took that oldschool slasher vibe and ran with it. I loved the story aspect, most little indie games don't have much of a story especially ones in the horror genre so to have a story to follow is always appreciated. I think you guys have a lot of good things to look forward to in the horror space but based on this game, I'd look forward to any game you guys made regardless of the genre. Very well done!!!

Much Love 

Stay Safe and Stay Positive


Gave it a Let's Play, a promising Puppet combo style game, I'd say. 

best game ever thank you so much i love it :):):):):):):)::)

Does anyone know how to remove the Window Title bar and play this in fullscreen?

Alt+Enter isn't working and it's sending me mad lol

Developer seemed to update the game within 2 hours of me making this comment, and now all fixed!

Super efficient indie dev. 


Hold up i did not know you made West Grove and Jimmy's Halloween. West Grove was very dark I had a hard time seeing it all but for that surprise INSANE. Jimmy's Halloween I wish we had a chance to escape or fight or something.

This lighting problem in Westgrove has already been solved. in Jimmys Halloween there is the possibility to escape to the basement, this will take you to an alternative ending.

I do not like third person games well I played it and I did not expect any of that. This should be a whole game or just make another game. Only ones I see like this is 616 and Puppet Combo.

A very well done twist at the ending! I can't wait to see more of your work!

Hi, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The main concept of the game is quite interesting and the story is quite engaging.

-The gameplay mechanics are well implemented and the dialogues feel great.

-I like how well the PS1 visuals fit with the kind of cliche horror movie theme.

-I would say that audio could be improved a lot since some of the audio effects would work better if implemented with some extra layers (fade out, etc.) to make them feel more integrated into the world itself.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)




Another great addition to the indie horror game scene.  Great job to the creator, will def keep an eye on your stuff!

Its always Abandoned Buildings Enjoyed the Game That Scott Jumpscare Really Got.

Partying at abandon buildings is the greatest.

Holy this was another really amazing horror game i enjoyed. Really was a fun experience and kept me at the edge of my seat. Thank you so much 9/10

Thanks now I'm scared of houses 

Gerat game can't wait to see what you make next

Lots of tropes done in a nice way, great stuff!

I loved it! So good! Here's my full gameplay.

The House (indie Horror) - Full Gameplay + Commentary (+Download

Great game and nice visuals.

Your development from Jimmy’s Halloween to this has been fantastic, your signature style stayed the same but you’ve grown so much more innovative when it comes to the stories and visuals, I can’t wait for the next game and gladly pay a couple of bucks for it!

Cool game here's a speedrun

This was a fun game to play through. I think it goes a great job of building tension without giving anything away. The reveal itself is also pretty cool with some cheeky things that hint at it popping up throughout the game that I found only while editing the video and not when playing. The characters are all dumb, but I guess they had to be or they wouldn't be in such a terrible situation. 

Jumpscares are good for the most part with one of them being really cheap but effective. 

Really good! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Now that you're going to charge for your games, I'm excited to see how you will make them better than what you've offered in the past. 

Thanks for making games!

I really loved this game! Not only aesthetically, but the whole narrative was great! It was like going through a 80's/90's horror movie in a video game format! It also has that crazy twist a lot those movies had. I haven't played too many VHS style horror games, but this one really made me a huge fan!

Thank you for making such a fantastic game! I look forward to see what else you have planned for the future!

Really good game

another banger and well made horror game. hopefully we get more 3rd person horror games.i wasnt expecting the twist all most the end of the game. 

I really liked this, hope to see more

Full Play NO Commentary

Great game, love the graphic style and was not expecting the house coming alive lol. Can't wait for more game from you!


No-commentary playthrough:

Fantastic work! Awesome presentation and a cool story that you shouldn't have any trouble seeing through to its end in one sitting. 

My only complaint is that some of the key items can't be added to your inventory when you first find them. For instance, when I found the radio I wasn't able to pick it up until I'd completed another task. This wasn't apparent at first and had me wondering if I'd encountered a game-breaking bug. Luckily I kept playing, but some people might throw in the towel thinking that the game's broken. You're staring at the quest item you need, but you're unable to grab it. No fun. You might want to consider tweaking how that works.

Other than that, great job!

amazing reminds me of bunny massacre also the whole breakdown i was surprised

Very Well Done! Got a notification this was released and had to try it out! Loved "The House" just like "WestGrove!"
Was creepy, unsettling, on edge the whole time as this style of game always does to me, ready to leave the house at any moment... and I tried. 
Camera control took a second to get use to but everything else was good to me! The story took a direction I was not expecting!
Awesome job Spring Rabbit! Looking forward to your future projects!
Scott and I are no longer friends, F Scott...


LOVE IT! The artstyle and the story is amazing!

good game

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very creepy game. The first head really catches me off guard.

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