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Great creepy game! Played on my channel :D

this scared the crap outta me! keep up the good work, gonna follow for more content!

This game was scary, once i heard the thumping behind me i lost it... great game keep up the hard work.

The game's solid and had a really nice buildup to the end. I only wish the special guest had a bit more presences in the house. But really solid game here. Now if you excuse me, I got some eyes in keyholes I need to pour bleach on.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Nice, fun quick game. Got lost in the dark a few times but, that was probably my fault.

Hyo great game dude!!! I already played another one of yours and I liked it a lot, the story is very interesting and I loved the style of the game, I'll be waiting for the next, great work!!!

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

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You sonuvabish you got me


yo that house part was creepy! really good game :) (3rd game)

A few jump scares in there but the ending definitely got me! The build-up was good which added to the tension, great style with a 90's vibe, all in all a well-made game! Awesome! Here is my gameplay.

very very scary with cool jumspcares

Scary game, these forest games always get me. 

10/10 need more games like this!

Very good game :) 

good really 

we should collab my discord is IamSeeeK#0785 my youtube is

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Only At Miller Grove  😹😹💀

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Great build up, cool graphics, and the Jumpscare got me! Starts at 11:05

Amazing atmosphere, that dark house got me so uncomfortable. One of the best scares I've felt in a while. 10/10, would recommend to my enemies.
I absolutely love the graphic style. Thank you!

Really fun game, good work :)

I really enjoyed the buildup of this game. This game handled a lot of things really well but I wasn't too fond of how long it took to get places in the beginning. I guess the distance isn't too bad if you bunny hop the entire way but that makes you take the game less seriously. 

The jumpscare is unbelievably loud. I wish I could say I was afraid of it but I was just really REALLY just annoyed by the insane volume of it. 

This game is absolutely worth playing but it isn't breaking any new ground or providing unique scares. It's your standard retro jumpscare unity game,/ and that's not a bad thing. It just is what it is. 

Thanks for making games!

very good game!




10/10  work trip

Had me too terrified! I loved it!

Jumpscares were legit! Keep up the good work!

Loved this game looking forward to recording future games from this Dev.

love the game keep it up 


Just keep running OMG!

Perfect feeling/atmosphere for the found footage style! Brought back memories of the Blaire Witch movies which I loved! Great work!

rly scary and the ending happens so fast it makes it more scary


Good game, nice vhs effects!

good game. Scared the  shit outta me XD

Happy Halloween to everyone!
Credits to the developer for this awesome game! Can't wait for the next big project!

So creepy and scary at the end. Solid Blair Witch vibes

I really liked this, thank you!

Full Play NO Commentary 

Very spooky.  Some of the textures got a little wonky in them woods xD

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Really scared me at the last part xD. I made a video about it in Filipino commentary, so if anyone here is filipino check it out!!

Fun game, had a good atmosphere and a few good scares. 

Good story to go with a good atmospheric game.

Nice Game ^^ very creepy

Gameplay en español
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