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Jesus christ that eye jumpscare scared the absolute crap outta me!

Amazing game btw <3

Legendary game, scared the shit outta me ngl hahah

I kept ex
I kept expecting jumpscares so that when one finally happened it got me good. Excellent pacing and tension building!

Sensacional é a palavra que descrevo esse jogo,pois, ele traz uma tensão só pelo silêncio do ambiente e o final pega muito de surpresa.Outro game que tinha gravado e postado no Halloween e esqueci de avaliá-lo.

We really liked the story in this one, it had just enough narrative to be interesting and not feel like a lore dump. Some of the scares definitely got us as well, we had a fun time checking this out (:


Nice game!


very epic game good job story kinda wack tho (9/10)

cool game

your game is first in the video


Happens in westgrove stays in westgrove

It had really good atmosphere and the final sequence I think it was great!

Loved this game!  The jumpscare had me screaming!

Much love Spring Rabbit

this game built so much tension and kept me guessing with the story! it is def a good throwback to 90s horror! loved it

My playtrough of your game

Amazing atmosphere in this game with a good build-up to the epic scare in the end!

Hope to see more games like this in the future!

Gameplay não comentado!

ahhh spring rabbit never fails to jump scare the absolute crap out of me lol. had a lot of fun playing this game!! 

While I do like the game, I am not that much of a fan of horror games that get insanely loud. The game had a good atmosphere, the loud sounds do feel like cheap scares tho.

However, I do think the intense knocking on the door inside of the house was really good from a sound design standpoint!

There is a small gap where you can see through the map outside of the house, which I included in my video. I do not know if that is because of the z-buffer effect (aka PS1 styled warping of textures) or if it was because the wall wasn’t connected fully.

I really liked the game. Their setting and graphic style are on point, along with the well-crafted story.

Congrats on the game xD

Gameplay PT-BR

Fun experience, I few loud noises that were more annoying than scary, but overall good!

Game was so fucking awesome, the atmosphere, the ambience, jumpscares, it had everything! I fucking loved it!

This game has a lot of worldbuilding and that's awesome, but the loud sounds so suddenly isn't something cool imo. Great game Anyway!

This was such a fun game!

Definitely got creepy vobes from this game, i really liked the story (i wont spoil it)

Terrified me too. check out my video.

Unfortunately I got stuck at the door in the wrecked house - I think I needed to use the hanger I found in the nightstand, but I picked that up before interacting with the door for the first time and couldn't see a way to select it or activate it.

Up to that point, I was enjoying it. The vertex warping while going through the forest was really effective, giving a sense of the foliage closing around you.

Only a couple of criticisms: I feel like some subtle music would really help the atmosphere because there's a bit too much walking in silence; and the main character's reactions seem a bit off - he's tried to retrace his steps and found the path walled off, but on returning to his camp he decides to wander further into the woods and do some filming? I feel like he should be more disturbed.

This game gave me heavy Blair Witch vibes. The tension is definitely felt throughout the entire experience. The jump scare caught me off guard, even though I kept trying to anticipate it. Well done!

Good times in Westgrove! Don't know why everyone left. The cult seemed really friendly :)

Thanks For the Frights Very Good Game Liked It Keep It Up 

This has to be one of my favorite games right now! You made the environments outside of leaving your home so unsettling. Throughout the entire forest segment I felt like I was being watched. Cannot even describe how freaked out I was at the end. Really great game! Can't wait to see what you make next :)


The visuals and the concept were interesting. I was enjoying the game until the absurdly loud jumpscare that ruined it for me, so I stopped playing. I think some level of jumpscares are ok, but please do not completely destroy our ears. Louder does not make things scarier

streamed at 3:52:27 


how did you play itch io games for 7 hour straight lmao

Fun game to play! Jumpscares almost made my ears explode

The story building was fantastic, the graphics were great(as someone who loves the PS1/PSX era aesthetic) and the atmosphere was awesome and spooky! I would definitely love to see more! Highly recommended!


when i go outside the whole game crashes i was about to record full gameplay what exactly can go wrong have you any ideas?

this is the first time I have heard about this, unfortunately I can't tell you specifically where the problem is, I recommend you download the game again and extract the complete folder and try again

MAN THIS GAME BROKE MY BACK AND MY NECK... and my soul hahahaha. Great game!!! I highly recommend!!!!! Keep up the Great Work!!!! 

Nice game. Blare Witch vibes anyone? 👍 really do like 32bit graphics  must try and do a game in 3D one of these days


Got Me Pretty Good At The End  . Amazing Build Up and the forest was so confusing it really added to the Terror  when your running for your life and  have no idea where you are. Keep Up the awesome work !!


Great creepy game! Played on my channel :D

this scared the crap outta me! keep up the good work, gonna follow for more content!

This game was scary, once i heard the thumping behind me i lost it... great game keep up the hard work.
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