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Very nice atmosphere in this one! And effective use of jumpscares, which felt well-earned rather than cheap. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Hey, I played your game and really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what else you make in the future. That big jumpscare was crazy!

YO SPRING RABBIT! This game... this game is it!!! The atmosphere goes crazy in this one, and I feel like I'ma get some nightmares from this one!!! You did your thing with this one, keep it up!!! You can see how I felt about the game at 20:50 of the video, it was HEAT! 

I'm most definitely gonna play your other game after this one, cause it looks fire, and It got my name in it lmaoo

Jesus dude this was fucking horrific. Scary as hell! Could've used the hanger to hang me and the clothes frfr lmao

Very unique game. I'll admit, it needs a little bit of polishing. But, other than that it was scary and cool. Well done!

game scared the living crap out of me on “certain” parts of it. I will admit that I got extremely confused for a bit trying to progress and I still don’t know what you’re supposed to do with that stupid hanger lol, great job. 

Very insteresting game.

Nice PS1 styled #horror experience

Unsettling atmosphere and the few jumpscares got me really good!

Things I learned

1. Don't Smoke

B. Camping is bad for my health

III. Horror Cults are never looking for new members

This is an awesome PS1 style indie horror with great atmosphere and tension building! Probably 20-25 mins playtime. Only note would be to balance the audio for the loud peaks. Solid 8/10.

This was really good, I screamed at some jumpscares! And I liked the mystery. However, the textures moving and stuff, made me feel weird.
Here is my gameplay! 

Very great short game! I thought it kept freezing on me when I would examine some things but I realized I could press escape to get out of them loll. The jumpscare really got me also! 

Very cool game, gave me a big fright, keep it up

really good little game and super creepy. i do wish there was a few more creepy sounds in the woods or something but still good. the game is so dark. please pump up the flash light brightness in future games, it was very hard to navigate the woods. (i know i have big lights on my face that make it worse but still) 

This is a really good bite-sized horror game that took me about 10-20 minutes to finish. I especially like how the flashlight has a small delay when following the player's camera because it makes the player rely on the flashlight more, and increases tension when the player feels like something might happen. I don't want to spoil anything, so overall great game, :). 

(The sounds are really well done too!)

Not sure if I'm just being stupid or  if the my game was bugging but at the part with the door and the hinge that you and to unlock I looked through the entire house and found nothing but I did find the close hanger before i interacted with the door so not sure if that messed it up but overall good game :>

Fantastic game, how much is this guy getting paid to do camera work... I would not have stuck around!

cool stuff. looking foreword to your future works

i cant put into words how great this game is it really shows the effort put in when you really leaned in on the 80s style camera by even adapting the sound qaulity to what you would expect back then and the build up to the eventful ending was so well done! honest any dev should look for inspiration off you if there looking on how to make a great short horror game because this was fantastic! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy! 

this game was so good really liked the game mechanics keep up the good work cant wait for more games to come from you :) Come check out the vid i made on it 

What happens in Westgrove Stays in Westgrove.

Almost went deaf because of the loud jumpscare.. please tone it down a bit

Overall a really well made game.

Thank you for the game. Very spooky

 scary game wow

Loved it!! Perfect lenght for a creepy horror game.

Interesting and good game. 

Hands down one of the best PSX style horror games on Becomes incredibly creepy towards the end.

I really enjoyed this game! I played the first one, managed to finally figure out what to do, and realized that you had released and update! So here's both versions of the game! Awesome job, hope to see more in the future!

I won't lie most of the scares that got me weren't even supposed to be that bad so GREAT JOB DEVS y'all really got me too good at some parts lmao

Very cool experience!

this was nice but i kinda ranted a bit too long and was a bit mad cuz of the other game in the video but you can ignore that its like a couple minutes at the end so i hope you enjoy the vid nonetheless :D

This was awesome. Fantastic short horror game that gave probably the biggest jump scare I've seen. Great job!

Very creepy

This was incredibly well done! Very scary and I loved the atmosphere you created. This game deserves lots of attention. 

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Awesome game! thriller and scary in another moments

nice creepy

i wasnt expecting the ending to go down like that. i was really terrified and the end of the game. 

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not bad!It was ok!I felt like the stamina system was unnecessary!

love the game so much thank you 


Yea once you try to film through the keyhole, it just shows a second and takes you back, can't progress from there.

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there is a puzzle to unlock the door but i think it was too difficult, i will fix this in an update, thanks for the feedback

Same thing here! 

I'm really liking the game so far, but I'm having a problem in the house. Whenever I try to film inside it shows through the keyhole for like a second or two, then exits back to the character. It doesn't seem like I can do anything else, unless I'm missing something or it's a bug?


filming through the keyhole is just one more function, there is a puzzle to unlock the door but I believe it was not very intuitive to understand, I will fix it in an update

I don't mind, I'm just not that bright after all! I think you should leave it in, too many games that hold your hand and rarely make you think! 

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