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Neat little game, good work :)

Hyo awesome game, it was a very good quick experience, the game could have a sequel it would be great to know more about the story

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Mi experiencia en español!! No me esperaba esa persecución... Veanló ^^
"¡Tremendo susto!" - JIMMY'S HALLOWEEN - (Juego completo - Español) - YouTube

I played your game in my video (19:28)

Well-made game indeed. Glad I had a chance to play it! Game here: 

Please subscribe to my YT channel.

this game was pretty good. some parts dragged on to long but the twist at the end was nice 

Jimmys Holloween Nice Retro Style Game Its In Hindi

I loved the sibling’s dynamic and how you combined different gameplay elements. For such a short game, there was so much to do! You did a great job with adding some small details into the story that created a more creeping sense of horror, I enjoyed this through and through. 

Fun little game, the box hiding the key was a bit unnecessarily hidden but maybe that's just me. I noticed this is update 0.1.4 so I'm really curious as to what the other 0.9 updates will be about. 

Thanks for making games!

This was so good and so creepy! The retro style and feel was really well done! Love the jump scares and sound design, it had me on edge the entire time! Great job! 


Really liked the retro visuals to the game, it reminded me of my childhood, especially with those class PSA about never answering the phone when home alone. The puzzles were fun, though I am not sure how the rag was used to pull over the cupboard. Visuals at the end were fun, played through the game twice seeing if there was another ending, like escaping the basement through the cracked wall.

Really fun game, can’t wait to see future projects.


I love this game !!! Play A Horror game Always make me laught after being caught by the killer or the  ghost and because of panic too. Great game

Pretty good game! Scared me a few times!

Watch It now 

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😘🙏

Neat looking game! Great Job! 

haha awesome short game..checkout the video

this game just gave me the awesome feel  ps1 days i say if you love a short games that give that vibe this game for you i would love to see more of your work 

this game was truly scary WHAT THE FREAK DUDE! 

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I HOPE THAT HALLOWEEN PARTY WAS WORTH IT JEFF! LMAO amazing short run, love that nostalgic feel in the game. Game was spooky, only take is I feel like it needs more sound in the background in terms of ambience. Other than that, keep em coming!

Yes this was great.

This was pretty cool I got some major puppet combo vibes from it.

I love games on VHS tapes and this one has been really good, good job :D

Fun and scary experience! That jump-scare at the end caught me off guard! I think I got the second ending without realizing it! I somehow made it 😅!


enjoy guys

This is very cool.

I can't get the second ending. The killer is faster than me running.

Fun short play, like the style and puzzling elements, nice job :)

Oh man! surprise ending!... That was some good stuff!

more B movie psx horror please! Great work!

Full Play No Commentary 

Loved the storyline of this game, and the jumpscare at the end got me lol. Here's my funny moments while playing (Starts 15:56) PLEASE CHECK OUT


Played this game on my Channel's New Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 2nd game I play in the video  and starts at 15:28, Never knew a title sequence could scare me so bad... Am a big fan of the PS1 Style/Analog Horror games right now and I can give this game a thumbs up in my book!

Good stuff. Got a good spook at the end there.

Excellent work! You got Lil Beef good.  The mood slowly builds and then BAM! Looking forward to more of this. 

nice game! thx!

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I really enjoy this great horror experience playing through, "Jimmy's Halloween".  A very well thought out horror story!

You did an incredible job at recreating the atmosphere and vibe of a slasher movie. Keep up the great work! 

That Game Was Awesome The Game Style Game And Vibe Of It Scare Me I Love That...

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