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hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😘🙏

Neat looking game! Great Job! 

haha awesome short game..checkout the video

this game just gave me the awesome feel  ps1 days i say if you love a short games that give that vibe this game for you i would love to see more of your work 

this game was truly scary WHAT THE FREAK DUDE! 

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I HOPE THAT HALLOWEEN PARTY WAS WORTH IT JEFF! LMAO amazing short run, love that nostalgic feel in the game. Game was spooky, only take is I feel like it needs more sound in the background in terms of ambience. Other than that, keep em coming!

Yes this was great.

This was pretty cool I got some major puppet combo vibes from it.

I love games on VHS tapes and this one has been really good, good job :D

Fun and scary experience! That jump-scare at the end caught me off guard! I think I got the second ending without realizing it! I somehow made it 😅!


enjoy guys

This is very cool.

I can't get the second ending. The killer is faster than me running.

Fun short play, like the style and puzzling elements, nice job :)

Oh man! surprise ending!... That was some good stuff!

more B movie psx horror please! Great work!

Full Play No Commentary 

Loved the storyline of this game, and the jumpscare at the end got me lol. Here's my funny moments while playing (Starts 15:56) PLEASE CHECK OUT


Played this game on my Channel's New Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 2nd game I play in the video  and starts at 15:28, Never knew a title sequence could scare me so bad... Am a big fan of the PS1 Style/Analog Horror games right now and I can give this game a thumbs up in my book!

Good stuff. Got a good spook at the end there.

Excellent work! You got Lil Beef good.  The mood slowly builds and then BAM! Looking forward to more of this. 

nice game! thx!

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I really enjoy this great horror experience playing through, "Jimmy's Halloween".  A very well thought out horror story!

You did an incredible job at recreating the atmosphere and vibe of a slasher movie. Keep up the great work! 

That Game Was Awesome The Game Style Game And Vibe Of It Scare Me I Love That...

Really loved the feel of VHS and the sudden slap of the chase theme really gets you. Thank you for making this! 1st Game

I loved the game style, maybe some more creepy sounds! other than that the game freaking gave me chills especially VHS Tape type games are WILDD! Fire game - 

I loved this! Could use with some ambient background noise/music, but otherwise, a fun experience! I gave some thoughts at the end of the video as well. I enjoyed this, great work!

Fire Game!

Nice to see another psx-style horror game with an 80s vibe here. I can't wait to play the full game. Congratulations and keep it up.

more patch coming?

probably yes


WOW! It looks  like Puppet Combo!

Is there more than one ending? def a fav

for now there is only one ending

Show post...

great jobs creepy

This was fun and i hope my theory is true about the whole game :D 

hope you enjoy the vid and looking forward to see more of you :)

A nice creepy game. Was the running have stamina? I feel like when I'm running I suddenly slowed down. That confuses me a bit since there is no stamina bar.

Great one

Creepy game! is there a way to avoid the killer?

thanks for playing, there is only one ending at the moment, just a short story but maybe i will continue it in the next games.

Found some bugs (see video) otherwise it fits well in the VHS/PS1 style horror game genre thus far.

thank you very much for playing my game and for your feedback, i will fix all the bugs found.

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