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A psx style horror game based on 80s slasher movies and found footages.

Take a scary time travel with feeling of nostalgia and fear.


E : Interact

Shift : Run

LMB : Next Dialogue

Q : Drop Item


You are jimmy,  on halloween day your mom goes shopping in the middle of the night leaving you and your brother jeffrey alone at home.


the game has 2 endings.


Support by donating any amount, it helps me to bring more games in this style and improve models, textures, sounds, and make longer games.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorSpring Rabbit
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I thought I cant outrun the enemy, glad I tried it 2nd time and found another ending!


Amazing game, as always, Spring Rabbit!

Had fun here the vid 

I know Halloween is over, but I just had to play this, and it was a very cool game! I have played this for my channel and here is my gameplay, please enjoy!

nice work =) i like how if you put both the endings together it's like the movie the collector where if he doesn't like you he kills you but if he does like you he captures you.

Loved the game! Played here :)

very good 
very good storyline, good job.  
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Spring Rabbit, you've done it again! Well, you've done it before (I may have played your games out of order)
Fantastic scare and atmosphere, thank you and please keep making games!

Great Game

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Great game, though I prefered Westgrove. This one just didn't have that sense of unease. Some changes I suggest would be maybe adding some screaming, whimpering or pleading after the glass breaks and maybe changing Moms recipe to shopping list, since I guess it's the mother that was turned into mincemeat laying there, elsewise there would be too much meat for one body in the room.

I am going to stream this game tonight... Wish me luck! I have a feeling I am going to need it! -Scared_Cutie 

YO SPRING RABBIT! Like I said, I was gonna play this one, and yet again, THIS IS SOME HEAT!!! My soul left me for a sec while playing this game! Keep it up my guy, your stuff is fire!

im a sucker for psx style horror games. very similar to puppet combo games but i like that. very good job. its the last game i played in the video

I played your other game, Westgrove, and checked out what else you had worked on. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you had released another game, but not only that, you were still updating it! I think it's pretty awesome for a developer to keep a project up to date even after it's release! Awesome job with the game, it definitely leads me to believe we will be seeing more of your work!


I'm glad you like my games, I like to update them because I know some people might play some recent game and come try my other games.

That's great thinking! 

amazing vhs style 90's horror game with creepy atmosphere 9/10

hello i want to play this game can you give it for free


bro, its literally free

‎ ‎ ‎ ㅤ

It's fun, I like the game style. The ending was lit! (Pt-BR) 

Great game! Not sure if this is a demo or not, but keep up the good work regardless!

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I love the style of this game, the character rendering is also immaculate. I wanted to get the other ending, but unfortunately, I panicked and ran into my doom haha.

Juego corto pero muy entretenido. Me hizo odiar más a mi hermano mayor!

What a fun little game.  I really enjoyed the art style.  I didn't really get the ending and it took me a few goes to get the second ending.  Thanks for making this game and I look forward to seeing you produce in the future :)

An interesting and sometimes funny game that keeps you in suspense. I look forward to the next games from you big boy.

Best halloween ever!

How did you make this game? Was there a software you used of any sort? do you have any tips on creating the game on the certain software?

Awesome Game

When the Title Screen gets ya.. 
You KNOW there are good times to be had. 

This one legit got me a couple of times hah. 

Random Scary Games - Jimmy's Halloween 

I had fun playing this game. Check out my playthrough here 👇

Guys, what is the song playing on the radio? I tried to Shazam, checked the comments and everything but I couldn’t find. I loved that song, please share with me and people. :) Other than that, it was a really spooky and scary game. Besides playing, even watching it gave me chills. Great job!


Played it on live stream. Good game. love the style. Thank You 

I absolutely loved this game! First one I play.

Really, congratulations. The game terrified me.

Check out my video. Sub if you enjoy :)

I loved this!!

LOVED THE GAME!! Something about retro style horror games just makes them different from some of the horror games now. This game shows that you don't need fancy graphics to be a good horror game. Feel free to check out my video if you wanna have a fun time :) AND I GO THROUGH BOTH ENDINGS!!!

hey that's me

The way jeff looked had me dying laughing. Nice little game.

it stuck after the blue title screen, helpp

Creepy atmosphere and jumpscares at the end. Smooth gameplay, fun to explore and read notes, puzzles were fine. Great game!

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