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Gameplay em português do Brasil!

Uno de mis juegos indie favoritos. Este y The House me parecen espectaculares. Muy recomendado!
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thank you for making this this was really good I personally enjoyed it and I loved the '80s aesthetic and everything and here's my video of playing it

A really fun game that gave me some silent hill on the PS1 vibes :) 
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This game has a really creepy atmosphere. I would love for it to have gone deeper into the lore of this monster.

Em certos momentos,a tensão criada valeram a pena,mas o final ficou a desejar

Gameplay PT-BR gravado em maio deste ano


This one was definitely a slow burn. I kind of wish there would have been a longer ending sequence? But overall, the game does a good job at building tension.


I loved it even though i was getting pretty stressed cause i'm bad at tank controls😅.Can't wait for the next one,very good job!!


I like how this feels like a sequel to 'the house', i really like your games :) xx

great game even though im bad at the controls lol

Are there any plans to eventually bring this, The House and your future additions to the "Haunted Horror Stories" to Steam?


I have plans to bring haunted horror stories to steam. I believe "The House" is too short to become a stand alone game on steam, although I've got plans to update it at some point.


If you end up updating it then, that could be a valid time to bring it to Steam as well. A lot of short indie games are on, and judging it's connections to the Haunted Horror Stories going by the prologue, would be fitting to have them all together, no?

Either way, thank you for responding nonetheless.


Wild ride! Can't wait for other episodes!

Was a p***y but excited for more nonetheless!

Your games were featured in a vtuber stream: 

Pretty wild games, can't wait for the continuation of the HHS Pilot.

This was a great pilot for the anthology. The story was great and the balance between scary & mystery was really well made. Can't wait to see more.

Here's my gameplay of it:

Been Loving All The Work You Been Putting out!!! cannot wait to see How You connect The Events of the previous games into the next one 

I'm such a fan of your work that I made a video retrospective of all your released games so far where I talk about the specifics of each! Hope you enjoy, and I can't wait for more!

Great start to the series!!!

this game was really good. I loved the story and the adventure behind it. It had an amazing ending. I can’t say anything bad about it! 

loved the concept of this, interesting story, looking forward to more!

so good man absolutely loved your game can't wait for more best money i ever spent on a game

10/10 game!

very well made, interesting story and the horror was on point!

I hope to see new games from this series!

good game. 7.5/10


Great game. I can't wait for the other games in the series!!! The ending was not what I originally thought when I first picked this! 

Really good horror game loved the whole vibe :)

Very cool, in case anyone is going to play this then I recommend starting with 'The House'. Not necessary but you'll appreciate this game more.

I guess I'll never go out in the rain again... Ready for the next one

The whole buildup was really good and the little surprise at the end tied everything together well!!


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O jogo começa bem devagar, mas depois ele fica interessante. O uso do Alazoka foi intencional ou pura coincidência?kkkkk

Game starts pretty slow but then it gets really interesting. The use of Alanzoka image was intendded or pure coincidence? lmao

cool game

I had a fantastic time with this game! I'm ready to see what you have in store for this series and will definitely be following its development

Retro game like Silent Hill

That was a great game! It crashed my computer 3 times, but I retried it anyway because I really wanted to see how it ended. I hope you make more of those, because I need more!

Had a really good time with this game!

I can't wait for the others in the series, great atmosphere building!

Such a unique horror game! I love the gameplay and the plot

Crazy experience! Do love the PS1 style as always!

I love that you started a game series and also tied the pilot into your general universe. I enjoy your games so much, just over-the-top horror that’s always full of surprises. You're one of my favourite devs on itch. 

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